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The ECP-D accreditation printer processes pre-printed offset-cards in a format of 124 x 85,60 mm or 140 x 85,60 mm. It is the world’s only card printer that can print / personalize a maximum area of 106 x 85 mm individually (double ISO format).

Oversized cards simplify the visual inspections for the security staff and thus contribute to increased safety of events. In addition, the card offers more space for additional information such as for directions or the placement of sponsors.

Its high printing speed allows rapid full-color-personalization of more than 180 cards (53 x 85 mm) or 90 cards (106 x 85 mm) per hour.

The production of high secure and durable VIP- and/or Security-Badges for e.g. but not limited to:

  • Sport Events
  • Tournaments
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Conventions
  • Clubs, etc.

The ECP-D Printer is the perfect combination of reliability and performance at an attractive price.
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